Widmer validating machines

For Date Stamp only applications choose the Widmer D3 Date Stamp.The Widmer 776 or 776-LED (digital display) is built like a tank compared to other time stamps...Buyer's Guide to Time/Date Stamp Showing 1 to 10 from total of 49 products.Choose the Widmer T3 or T3-LED (digital display) for a Heavy-Duty Time Date Stamp that is built with quality to produce quality imprints and provide you lasting performance.Read More Initiate better Document Control with our Automatic Time Date Stamps.Replace your manual hand stamping routines with an automatic procedure that will increase volume and print quality as well as reduce fatigue.

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(optional 11-Digits Numbers or Alpha Wheels for special coding) For Number only applications choose the Widmer N3 Number Stamp.

The Widmer RS-DBLT features quick interchangeability of snap-out signature plates that provide enduring performance and high quality impressions.

You can choose from limitless number of drums and plate selections for signing, imprinting, validating, dating and other combinations.

The Amano NS5100 Electronic Time Date Number Stamp offers reliable operation with the convienance of automatically advancing the Year, Month and Date, a feature not found in mechanical time date stamps.

Also, a Battery Backup maintains the correct time during power failures.

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