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Also Read: 9,000-year-old de-fleshing ritual revealed in the Philippines The front figure–whose hands are folded across (a common practice in arranging the corpse during the prehistoric period)–is the passenger, while the figure in the back is the one guiding the journey, as evidenced by the now-missing paddle.Both figures are wearing a band tied over the crown of the head and under the jaw, a pattern that is still a part of burial practices of some indigenous groups in southern Philippines.Also Read: Shocking Philippine Hoax – The Code of Kalantiaw Even more surprising is the fact that the Philippines’ oldest document was neither a poem nor a song but a legal document called Another National Cultural Treasure, this blue-and-white dish with flying elephant design is one of only two pieces ever recovered in the world.

Also Read: 12 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Pre-Colonial Philippines Discovered by Dr. Diliman discovered a foot bone in Callao Cave in the town of Peñablanca, Cagayan.

Now a National Cultural Treasure, the LCI measures 7 x 12 inches when unrolled.

In 1990, the National Museum purchased the LCI and sought help from Antoon Postma, a Dutch national who was then the director of the Mangyan Assistance and Research Center, to decipher the inscription. Johan de Casparis, later found out that the LCI was written in (Old Javanese writing system) and the language used was a combination of Old Tagalog, Old Javanese, Old Malay, and Sanskrit.

Robert Fox in Leta-Leta Cave, northern Palawan in 1965, this jarlet is associated to the Late Neolithic period (approximately 1000 to 1500 BC). The said skeletal remain–specifically the third metatarsal of the foot–is said to be Based on a method called “uranium-series dating,” it was also revealed that the foot bone is approximately 67, 000 years old, predating the “Tabon Man”–long been thought to be the country’s earliest human remains–which is only 50,000 years old.

It was excavated in a burial site where a stone adze as well as other intact pieces of pottery–including a stem cup and a footed jarlet, both of which are also declared national cultural treasures–were recovered. Also Read: The Legendary Gods and Goddesses of Philippine Mythology The Callao Man, according to experts, possibly reached the island of Luzon from Indonesia by raft, which suggests that our ancestors already possessed Accidentally discovered in 1986 near the mouth of Lumbang River, the Laguna Copper Plate Inscription or LCI is the earliest historical document in the country and also the only pre-Spanish document discovered so far.

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