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by KMB Hypnosis, vampires, celebs, what’s not to love? by Mesmer Eyes I’ve always enjoyed ME’s work and this is one of his best.Plus, KMB does a great job piecing together a neat story admist some very erotic situations. A sinister hypnotist and the way first the maid then the lady fall under his power is nice.

The excellent inductions, the thought out protagonists and the nice ending all equal a read that’s fun no matter who the characters are based on.Great inductions that branch out in different directions, the way he plays with his harem, having a woman as a fellow hypnotist and unknowing slave, they all get to me like few stories Bio Paradox Two stories similar in tone and style which are both Hypno S Hypno S does a good job stringing together his hero’s conquests and even tweaks a bit at various other mc fic while he does.The inductions are very nice and the way the hypnotist grows to enjoy his influence is nice as well. by Hypno S Hypno S is turning into a favorite and this is his best.

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