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We need more than a console hotdogger out there." She bridled under the implication that that was all she was -- a console hotdogger, fast at the keyboard, good at playing with Travis's toys.She wanted to prove herself in a four-plus field situation.Immediately, a new expedition is sent into the Congo, descending into a secret world.where the only way out may be through the grisliest death.The clock marked when the overhead intercom said, "Dr.Ross, CCR bounce." She left the console after punching in the digital password blocking codes."I'm sorry," Travis had said, "but this contract's too big, and I just can't let you have it." She had pressed, reminding him of her successes leading teams the year before to Pahang and Zambia.

Day or night, the main data facility of ERTS remained the same.One co-worker described her as "logical to a fault." Her chilly demeanor had earned her the title "Ross Glacier," after the Antarctic formation.And her youth still held her back -- at least, age was Travis's excuse when he refused to let her lead the Congo expedition into the field, even though she had derived all the Congo database, and by rights should have been the onsite team leader.Deep in the heart of the darkest region of the Congo, an eight-person field dies mysteriously and brutally in a matter of minutes....Ten thousand miles away, at the Houston-based Earth Resources Technology Services, Inc., supervisor Karenn Ross watches a gruesome video transmission of that ill-fated team: a camp destroyed, tents crushed and torn, equipment scattered in the mud alongside bodies and — the grainy, moving image of a dark, blurred shape ....

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