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Radziwill knows that her intellect will be called into question – as it should be, since she chooses to star in The Real Housewives of New York and, from what I saw, does not come across as a younger Joan Didion.

Although, in her defense, the editors of these shows are probably instructed to make all the women appear as vapid as possible.

The highbrow references feel like the literary version of the fashionable thick-rimmed glasses that she keeps putting on and taking off on the show.

In The Widow’s Guide, she’s more at ease discussing People Magazine than Hannah Arendt and I wish she’d just give us more of the fun stuff, her forte.

This book will not change you in any way but if you’re looking for a good reason to slip out of a party this weekend, it won’t disappoint either.

regular Radziwill returns with a glib, comic, probably autobiographical novel about a young Manhattan widow looking for love in all the wrong places.

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Of course she has a gay friend who calls her “honey”, a troubled, heavy-drinking girlfriend, therapists, and psychics.According to her Wikipedia page, she and her late husband were very close friends of John F. and Carolyne Bessette-Kennedy, both of whom died in a plane crash within a month of Radziwill’s husband dying (of cancer, when he was only 40).Claire Byrne, the protagonist of The Widow’s Guide, is obviously modeled on Radziwill herself.I want to hear less about James Joyce and more about the effects of Xanax in this world she inhabits.Anyway, the more literary references feel Googled instead of organic.

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