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However, a fight breaks out in the shelter, after which the police arrive and throw Sjakie and the hobo in jail for a few days.

When the family gets back at the Plaza Hotel, the staff has found out about the mix-up and the Flodders are thrown out, forcing them to spend the night in Central Park.When spotting the Flodder sons across the road, Sjakie tries to get to them, but gets hit by a car and ends up in hospital with a concussion.That same night, the night club opens again with a more Dutch oriented theme: bitterballen are served as snacks and daughter Kees does a striptease in a Frau Antje costume.Son Kees secretly steals gasoline from the guests' car, having discovered that gasoline in the United States is far cheaper than in the Netherlands, and stores the stolen fuel in an emtpy water tank on the roof to make a huge profit back in the Netherlands (while not realising that there is no way he can get the tank to the Netherlands).Meanwhile, Sjakie gets mixed up with another patient at hospital, only to wake up in the morning and discover he has had a transgender operation.

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