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Pope Francis stressed this during an inter-religious and ecumenical prayer for peace, in the gardens of the Archbishopric of Dhaka, prayed by representatives of Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist communities, as well as by Christian Confessions and Civil Authorities.

On the second day of his Apostolic Journey to the country, the Pope took part in this event, which he several times stressed as “important,” since his arrival on Bangladeshi soil.

The “Rohingyas’” Gift During His Apostolic Visit to Myanmar, Pope Francis held a wooden pastoral crosier, crafted by the “Rohingya” refugees of Kachin state, as they were unable to attend the Mass in Yangon, given the state of poverty in which they live.” Over 607,000 Displaced The “Rohingyas are a Muslim ethnic minority that the Yangon Government — headed politically by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi – doesn’t recognize as citizens.

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We bieden ook verhuur van een auto en chauffeur en allerlei trips in de omgeving aan.Ik heb meer dan 10 jaar in Nederland gewoond en na ons 3-jarige familieverblijf in Yogyakarta hebben we besloten een unieke vakantiebestemming in het centrum van Yogyakarta op te richten.Het villa concept wat wij bieden is nog steeds uniek en een goed alternatief voor iemand die toe is aan wat anders dan een hotel - met 4 heerlijke zwembadvilla's met veel ruimte echt in het midden van Yogyakarta - alles in de buurt maar toch heerlijke rust..He greeted them one by one, listening to their stories with the aid of an interpreter. Forrester On the afternoon of the fifth day of his Apostolic Journey, Pope Francis received 18 “Rohingya” refugees from Cox’s Bazar, at the end of the Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Meeting for Peace, held in the garden of the Archbishopric of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital.The Holy Father looked at, caressed and listened to the Muslim refugees, received by Bangladesh after their expulsion from the neighboring country Myanmar.

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