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Furthermore, he participated in several theatres works during his childhood.

Shemar attended a British private school in Bahrain until age seven. S in 1977, his family moved to Chicago, California.

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Apart from this, he has appeared in numerous movies and television series throughout his career.

He was featured in an advertisement for a shaving cream in ‘GQ’ Magazine.

This provided him the required exposure and was invited to audition for other numerous advertisement and television shows. Furthermore, he became part of ‘The Young and the Restless’ for eight years.

Some of the shows and movies that he has been part of include ‘The Bounce Back’, ‘Kill Me, Deadly’, ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’, ‘Greener’, ‘The Seat Filler’, ‘Half & Half’, ‘Nikki and Nora’, ‘Chasing Alice’, ‘The Brothers’, ‘Box Marley’, ‘Celebrity’, ‘Moesha’, Living Single’, ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’, ‘The Nanny’, ‘Arli$$’, ‘Hav Plenty’.

Shemar has had 9 wins and 11 nominations to his name throughout his acting career.

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