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Like it or not, everyone alive today – and that’s more than seven billion of us – is likely to join them within the next century. As human populations continue to expand and flood into crowded cities, traditional methods of handling bodies after death are coming unstuck.

The issues range from a shortage of vultures in India – which has led the Zoroastrian community to abandon the ancient practice of sky burials in favour of dystopian “solar concentrators” instead – to the 40-year old corpses in Germany that remain mysteriously fresh after decades in the ground.

Police managed to trace the vehicle to a restaurant in Berlin.

The idea that clandestine Illuminati gatherings could be taking place in the small Bavarian city may seem far-fetched, but Ingolstadt does have a history of them.

— Ada Hoffmann (@xasymptote) November 27, 2017 This is almost too obvious a thing to have to say but: there is no such thing as "the best" stories in real life.

Popular awards measure voters; juried awards measure juries. — Vajra Chandrasekera (@_vajra) November 28, 2017 The role of a critic is not to choose on behalf of readers; a critic is not a person inefficiently standing in for a shopping algorithm. — Vajra Chandrasekera (@_vajra) November 28, 2017 Anyway, the meaningfulness-or-otherwise of awards is what I like to think of as somebody else's problem.

But it's gotten me thinking about what a general-purpose short story review/recommendation blog would look like if it was good.

The role of critics is to read stories in public, to show how stories might be read. What I want to see: more individual critics who read well and read widely, and who pursue what matters to them rather than subordinate their reading to awards recommendations.

— Vajra Chandrasekera (@_vajra) November 28, 2017For a while, Tom Colella had found his escape at the bottom of a bag of crunchy corn snacks. Earlier this month in western Australia, the Fair Work Commission, a workplace tribunal, found that the electrician — who was fired last year — had indeed been fired for good cause: He had been ditching work while on the clock, the commission concluded, and had hidden his whereabouts from his employer by Mac Gyvering a Faraday cage out of an empty bag of Twisties.

We’re removed from the machine to a certain extent,” Katz told The Post’s Comic Riffs while in Washington.

“[We were] trying to be as genuine and authentic as you can. We were all just disappointed and sad.” The incident, though, led to a realization.

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