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I made a mental note that sometime in the future, I wanted her legs tied up as well. Snickering, I traced the outline of her pussy with my fingers. If you want to come today, quiet," I seethed, removing my hands from her completely for a moment.

Accept that the only person who could give her what she wanted was me.

And fuck you." She just looked at me, fear in her eyes. I bent down, kissed her on her lips and asked her, "Do you trust me?

She didn't reply, but just raised her arms and held them close to the bedpost. I had had sex only once, but I knew I would be giving her the best orgasm of her life -- yet.

"When mum and dad passed away, Terry," she said after a few minutes, "There was just so much happening around me. " As crazy as that drove me, I wanted to know if she really knew what she was getting into. Second, remove that wet panty and give it to me." Her face went blank. Eventually my dad caught us one day and he banished us saying that we had 'offended' God with our activities.

If she wanted this to end or if she had actually understood what I'd just said. A simple white cotton panty hugged her beautiful crotch. Running her hand along it, she asked "Do you like em Terry? Her hands trembled as she slowly removed her panty and gave it to me. I reached to her pussy and ran my hand along her opening. Decades later, I learnt that I was a dom and Sarah was a sub. I loved what we had together and cherish it to this day.

I guess it was all a little too intense to put into words. As we walked out of the town, she rested her head on my shoulder.

Kneeling down, I licked the insides of her supple thighs as she whimpered helplessly. Her juices were dripping on the sheets when I slowly trailed my finger on her slit. I reached out to her swollen clit with my tongue and flicked it. She lifted her hips, asking for more and this time, as a reward for obeying, I gave it to her. She moaned as I inserted two fingers in her, but she did not say a word. She took it her hand, stroking my full length slowly while her mouth darted around my chest, biting me occasionally. I was ready for a second round, my cock hard again.

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