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In 2007, Layla and Talia moved in together after Evangeline's condition remained unchanged, along with Sarah Roberts (Justis Bolding).

By 2009, Sarah leaves town and Talia dies in a police-involved shooting, leading friend Cristian and police officer Oliver "Fish" Fish (Scott Evans) to move in to offset Layla's housing costs.

While in Paris on an art business meeting, Cris and Layla are reunited, but after a brief resumption of their romance decide to call their engagement off with Layla remaining in Paris.

Layla and Cris struggle with their long distance romance and in her absence, Cris connects with Gigi Morasco.Layla is devastated when Evangeline falls into a coma following a deadly hate crime instigated by Tate.Tate eventually holds Layla and Vincent, Adriana and Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier) hostage on the rooftop of the Palace Hotel.But, Layla rebuffs his advances and the two end their brief romance.In June 2010, Cristian and Layla engage to marry, and in July, plan to visit Layla's mother Lisa Williamson (Janet Hubert) to share the news.

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