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Her team circulated videos featuring Machado accusing Trump of destroying her self-confidence and arranged for reporters to interview her, just as many voters were starting to cast early ballots.Clinton’s spokesman said she called Machado Friday to thank her for her courage.Said Trump spokeswoman Jessica Ditto, “This is the single biggest coordinated media attack in history.” His Twitter taunts referred to footage from a Spanish reality show in 2005 in which Machado was a contestant and appeared on camera in bed with a male contestant.The images are grainy and do not include nudity, though Machado later acknowledged in the Hispanic media that she was having sex in the video.Schumer sits down facing me and then suddenly notices her sister in self-imposed exile. “I carried her with me for as long as I can remember,” she said that night onstage, choking up.not possible.’ It really fucked me up.” Just then, our flight attendant, Sahel, comes over to tell Schumer that they have her favorite Chardonnay onboard.What kind of a man, Clinton asked, “stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?

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Instead, he returned to Twitter to invoke Clinton’s famous ad from her 2008 campaign portraying her as the best candidate to pick up an urgent call at the White House at 3 a.m.Her worldview is surprisingly broad for someone who has made a career out of playing “the drunk slut” for laughs and talks about her pussy so much that anyone is now free to say that word on her network.Despite the fact that Schumer’s much-anticipated memoir, , the Judd Apatow–directed comedy that she wrote and starred in, catapulted her to the top of Hollywood’s A-list, she is, above all else, a stand-up comic—arguably the most exciting and successful one working today.But spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said Clinton did not help Machado become a citizen.For Republicans, the outburst seemed to foreclose any possibility that Trump, in the campaign’s final weeks, might reinvent himself as someone with the discipline and restraint that many voters want in their commander in chief.

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