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After Louise admitted that she was trusting her gut and believing Alik, Proudlock wanted to clear things and up and clarify that Alik had not cheated.However, with tension rising between Jamie and Proudlock, Jamie said that he was upset that Proudlock hadn't told him about moving in with Stevie and knew he was lying about Alik cheating on Louise."You don't expect him to be one of the boys but he actually is," said Binky before Andy said that he didn't think that Proudlock liked Lucy enough.As the sun was setting, Binky and Will finally spent some alone time together until Will eventually asked her on a date.

The next day, Jamie Laing and Spencer went on a shopping trip and Jamie told Spencer the rumours about Alik, with Spencer saying that Alik will "go mad" when he finds out that Jamie told Sam the gossip.

He even brags to Andy and Gomer that he can do whatever he likes because he has her in his hip pocket.

When the dim-witted Gomer tells Thelma Lou what he said, she decides to teach him a lesson.

"He's funny and silly," said Binky, blushing at the thought of her new romance.

Across town, Stevie, Rosie and Proudlock went shopping for a Vespa for Louise and the trio talked about the boys moving in together. Online blogger Lucy Watson and Andy met up for coffee and joked about Stevie becoming the hipster version of Proudlock with their 'ridiculous' matching Bowery tattoos.

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