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Of couse my girl, but at begin make blow job to me. And dont't foget that horse fucking is very strong, you must be careful. But then: After a long buildup to the awards, and a successful opening monologue, the awards just kind of… It seemed as if the energy of the preamble couldn’t quite match with what is a pretty boring format of handing out awards and listing nominees, especially as sped-up times meant that past Nicole Kidman, very few of the honorees got a chance to say anything interesting or meaningful.

Sometimes even the most well-intentioned efforts for progress can be easily subsumed into the grinding gears of an unjust system.

It turns out, the #Me Too, #Times Up, and #Why We Wear Black soundbites on the carpet and onstage were just the canapés preparing the audience for the main course: Oprah Winfrey accepting the Cecil B.

De Mille award and delivering a rousing speech that seemed to reach every remaining doubt and fear, boiling down to nothing less than a mission statement for the future.

Maisel.” The film honorees were spread across more films, but also didn’t shock: “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri,” which didn’t get much traction at other awards shows, managed to sway the Hollywood Foreign Press as predicted, and the Globes have long had a weakness for performers playing historical figures, like Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in “The Darkest Hour.”On one hand, the Globes tend not to set agendas but to follow them — and the winners that rose to the surface were exceptional in how much they featured female roles and female stories.

But for all of the enthusiasm demonstrated by the red carpet attendees and host Seth Meyers, the awards show itself felt gripped by inexorable forces it still can’t shift.

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