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The representative immediately went into a sales pitch and encouraged us to attend a seminar. definitely some of the better beaches from what we've seen at other resorts.When we declined she didn't share any additional information about the resort and left us at the nearest restaurant. Very good snorkeling off the pier and the north part of the complex. Shopping- the new area has a great shopping area, and nightly themed open-air bazaars- very well done.Had heard a lot about this website from colleagues and decided to escape NYC on New Years Day. I would definitely return and recommend staying here. We also REALLY liked Breathkess next door for dining at Attitudes and the daily Foam Party was great!!!!My wife and I loved everything with the exception of the food.We were chastised by a staff member for arriving for lunch at . She said we needed to be at the restaurant earlier because staff start cleaning 30 minutes before closing and she would let us in this time. The actually experience doesn't match the resort description. Wood carving seems to be the local craft, lots of animals and Bob Marleys.The food was served warm not hot at the restaurants. Peacocks jump on the chairs/tables during outdoor dining. We didn't get the warm welcoming feeling from staff that we've felt at other resorts. You will find better prices in Montego Bay and at the craft village if you venture off the resort.Even though we..." The resort is nice, the addition of the breathless resort and having access to both is very nice.

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However there is definitely some stuff to be seen off the beach. There's really only one or 2 "night life" spots, though, so it might be worth looking at some more singles-oriented resorts if you looking for a good night life.

You are their source of income and if you feel you have paid a fair price then you have done well.

We did not go shopping outside of the resort, but one evening local vendors were selling their items at the resort and the prices were outrageous! You would have to take an excursion and we didn't feel like spending an entire day shopping! We did not leave the resort property so I cannot speak to your question regarding local resort brings in locals to display their wares on certain nights.

We went last week and thought the beach was beautiful. The water is a beautiful aqua color and perfectly clear. There are a few set up on the resort too that do carvings. There is a strip off the beach near the restaurants that offer high end stuff too.

This resort is well maintained, very slow pace and no pressure I LOVED the beach!!

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